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What is a pallet lifter and how do they work?

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Do you own a company where a lot of lifting and transporting of heavy goods in involved? Maybe you could benefit from discovering the advantages of our pallet lifters. Make lifting and transporting effortless with our pallet lifters. You’re probably wondering ‘what is a pallet lifter?’ And ‘how does a pallet lifter work ?’ Find out here in our latest blog.

What is a pallet lifter?

A pallet lifter is a machine that is used to lift and transport heavy goods from one point to another. Our range of pallet stacker vary from the traditional machines, through to electric powered ones. We also offer semi electric pallet stackers for those wanting a machine that can do both. Whichever pallet stacker you purchase from Bluetruck, you can be sure that it will be of the highest quality, reliability and stability thanks to our German manufacturer, HanseLifter.

How does a pallet lifter work?

Users operate a pallet lifter by loading heavy goods and pallets onto the platform and raising the platform by either applying pressure the foot peddle on our manual stackers or pressing the red button on our electrically powered pallet stackers. Our pallet lifters are fitted with the safest, most durable functions to enhance lifting capabilities and minimise physical effort for the user. Some of our pallet lifters can lift goods weighing up to 1600kg and 4.6mm high. Our HanseLifter pallet stackers feature polyurethane wheels, providing a safe grip and smooth, silent running. The adjustable forks and load arms make loading quick and simple.

Pallet lifters at Bluetruck

Having trouble deciding whether you need a manual or electrically powered pallet stacker? Why not consider our semi electric pallet stacker? The HanseLifter E-SDJ1535 : 1500kg - 3.5m Semi-Electric Stacker is a popular choice. It is versatile in a sense that lifting and transporting can be done manually or electronically. For example, you might want to push your pallet lifter manually and place your stock down electronically.

Still have questions about the uses and functionality of pallet lifters? Can’t decide what pallet lifter you need for your warehouse? Call us on 01704 898950 or email us at sales@bluetruck.co.uk

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