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Heavy Duty Hand Pallet Trucks

Heavy duty pallet trucks are ideal for shifting heavy palletised loads around warehouses or other working environments where shifting pallets with heavy loads is a requirement. Our range of HanseLifter heavy duty pallet trucks have developed a reputation as the market leaders, in terms of ease of use and the productivity that they can achieve.



The heavy duty pallet trucks we supply at Bluetruck.co.uk come in at three different weights depending on the weight of the loads they will need to be moving. These include a 3000Kg pallet truck, a 3500Kg pallet truck, with the largest being a 5000Kg pallet truck. Each of these has been precision engineered in Germany to deliver an exceptional quality of equipment.

Features of our heavy duty pallet trucks:

  • Naturally a heavy duty load pallet needs a high load capacity, and the HanseLifter pallet trucks we stock at Bluetruck.co.uk start at 3000Kg and range up to 5000Kg.
  • The wheels, manufactured from polyurethane, are special load wheels with that run extra quietly due to the specially manufactured wheel bearings.
  • A pressure control valve on the heavy duty pallet truck is installed for longevity purposes. This means you can continue lifting heavy loads for longer.
  • When constantly shifting heavy loads throughout the day, operator comfort has to be a priority. That’s why HanseLifter has incorporated elements such as rubberised handles, to improve the comfort of the machine.

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