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Scissor Lift Tables & Safety Handling Systems

Scissor lift tables are a very important piece of equipment, essential for the health and safety of your workers when manoeuvring heavy loads. German engineered by Hanselifter, we have a range of scissor lift tables for sale that have been designed, developed and tested to meet the highest standards. Our lift tables are available in an extensive range to suit your specific application requirements. Choose from manual, semi-electric and electric scissor lift tables, with the extra variables of tilting, double and tandem scissor lift tables.

The main purpose of a scissor lift table is to make the transportation and distribution of heavy loads simple and fast, whilst increasing warehouse efficiency. Our range includes:

Manual scissor lift tables

Manual scissor lift tables are the smaller, lightweight option of scissor lift table. They are designed to carry weights between 150kg and 1500kg and are controlled using a simple foot pump or hydraulic pump. They are low in cost and perfect for small distribution centres or offices. This manual range is also available with the option of tilting scissor lift tables, up to an angle of 45 degrees.

Semi electric scissor lift tables

Similar to our manual scissor lift tables, the semi-electric has the added feature of an electric motor. The semi-electric scissor lift table is designed to lift heavier loads, between 300-600kg, efficiently and with ease. This particular range is also available as tilting scissor lift tables, featuring a 0.8kw lift motor and integrated charger. 

Electric scissor lift tables

Bluetruck’s electric scissor lift tables are for heavier applications, with the ability to lift between 500kg to 8000kg. Used for heights up to 3 metres, an electric scissor lift table is a perfect solution for industrial applications. For wider loads, Bluetruck has a selection of tandem scissor lift tables. This range can be sunk into the ground or floor mounted and uses a powerful lifting motor.

To find out more about our tandem scissor lift tables, talk to our technical experts today. If you require more height, take a look at our double scissor lift tables, designed for use where extra height extension is required.

Scissor lift tables from Bluetruck 

With our entire range of scissor lift tables, you can expect robust construction to ensure maximum safety and stability when transporting heavy goods. Bluetruck scissor lift tables feature guards on the rollers for extra security and benefit from polyurethane rollers for extra grip. The German engineered, Hanselifter design ensures excellence, reliability and flawless quality with every product.

Our range of lift tables are CE certified and come with a 12-month warranty as standard. Bluetruck lift tables also vary in price to suit any budget; for small warehouses through to large-scale distribution centres. Contact Bluetruck today by calling 01704 898950 or email us at sales@bluetruck.co.uk. 

Available to purchase online today, the links below offer more information about the range of scissor lift tables available from Bluetruck.

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