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Electric Pallet Stackers

Here at Bluetruck, we understand that every big warehouse needs high-quality lifting apparatus, which is why we are proud suppliers of electric pallet stackers from leading German manufacturer, HanseLifter. Our electric stackers are designed to meet the budgets, requirements and specifications of any business, helping to lift heavy goods from 100 kg-1,500 kg and up to 4.3 metres high.

Take the labour out of lifting whilst efficiently maximising the safety of your personnel with an electric pallet stacker from Bluetruck.

Electric stacker specifications

Choosing the perfect electric pallet stacker to suit your specifications is important. When it comes to deciding which is right for your business requirements, the following aspects should be taken into consideration:

  • The maximum load that will be lifted, given that load capacities vary between different electric stackers.

  • The lift time of your electric stacker, which may also be a crucial specification in order for your warehouse to run as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

Why choose electric pallet stackers?

Electric pallet stackers are the ideal choice for anyone looking for an increased lifting capacity than that of a manual stacker, but want a compact machine that is easier to manoeuvre than a forklift truck.

Designed by German manufacturers, HanseLifter, our full electric stackers come from an industry-leader with a reputation for providing safe, high-quality apparatus. The wheels used on our stackers are made from polyurethane, which ensures a safer grip and quieter running. Furthermore, all full electric stackers supplied by Bluetruck are CE certified, so you can rest assured that operatives will be safe.

While you could opt for a manual pallet stacker, it is recommended that you invest in a powered drive should your staff be required to move large weights at height on a frequent basis. By comparison, movement is much smoother and stable when operating full electric stackers because they require much less manual accuracy.

Another benefit of HanseLifter electric pallet stackers is that they cater towards ambidextrous people, as they are fitted with REMA ergonomic control handles. In addition, should you be concerned about staff wellbeing when travelling long distances with heavy stock, rest assured that our electric stackers can be walked behind or mounted.

Several of our electric stackers feature ISKRA pump motors and Hydrapp hydraulic pumps, both of which are reliable and designed to last. We can also supply electric stackers that include additional features like auto creep facility, sensitive speed control and an optional L key for electric access control.

Electric stacker suppliers

Whatever type of lifting apparatus you require, Bluetruck has what you’re looking for in stock. For further information about our range of full electric pallet stackers, please call one of our experienced advisors on 01704 898950 or email us at sales@bluetruck.co.uk.

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