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Industrial Waste Compactors

Here at Bluetruck, our waste compactors are built by trusted German engineers, HanseLifter. HanseLifter are known for their outstanding quality, craftsmanship and reliability of all their products. Sometime referred to as rubbish compactors or trash compactor machines, our market leading industrial waste compactors from HanseLifter are some of the most efficient and safest waste compactors available on the market today and are guaranteed to lower your waste management costs. Our commercial waste compactors are durable, industrial machines used to compress rubbish in order to make waste much more cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly to dispose of. 

Our industrial and commercial waste compactors from HanseLifter are designed for your convenience and make waste management as simple and effortless as possible. Our range of waste compactors for sale includes the HanseLifter Lift Press LP1100 industrial waste compactor. Featuring a supreme level of engineering, these high-quality waste compactors are among the safest and most efficient tools for any business looking to streamline their waste management processes.

Industrial waste compactor features

 The HanseLifter Lift Press LP1100 is suitable for use with a range of bins, including standard 800 and 1100 litre bins. This innovative waste compactor can double your compacting capabilities by lifting the wheelie bin vertically off the floor, avoiding any possibility of damage to the bin or wheels. By removing the compacting arm, the LiftPress can also be used to lift, load, unload and transport pallets.

The main features of our industrial rubbish compactors include:

  • Structural stability
    Sturdy and reliable design
  • Meet high safety requirements
    To ensure the safety of your operating staff
  • Ease of operation
    Very easy to use 
  • Durable
    Constructed from a high-quality steel 
  • Low-noise
    Reducing disruption to workers
  • Versatile
    By removing the compacting arm, the LiftPress can also be used to lift, load, unload and transport pallets.

How do commercial waste compactors work?

Commercial waste compactor use weights and pressure to effectively squeeze (or compact) waste material together so that it takes up less physical space. This makes a waste compactor easier to store and dispose of waste materials as less storage space is required and far fewer waste collections are required.

Benefits of an industrial waste compactor 

Economic benefits of commercial waste compactors

Our commercial waste compactors can significantly reduce the volume and overall size of your rubbish and therefore the space they take up prior to disposal, by as much as 50%. A lower volume of waste can lead to substantial cost savings due to lower rubbish collection and transportation charges, making the HanseLifter waste compactor an economical solution for your business. Furthermore, given that waste collections at work sites will be required less frequently when using an industrial waste compactor, you can end up saving a substantial amount in the long run. 

Environmental benefits of industrial waste compactors

Not only do industrial waste compactors offer a huge economic benefit, they deliver environmental advantages also. This is because compact waste essentially takes up far less space in landfill sites. Not only this, but as mentioned above, fewer waste collection trips equate to fewer emissions being released into the atmosphere and less fuel being used.

Industrial waste compactors for sale at Bluetruck

Our HanseLifter industrial and commercial waste compactors are CE certified and come with a 12-month warranty as standard. For more information about all our waste compactors for sale, speak to one of our experienced advisors today on 01704 898950 or email us at sales@bluetruck.co.uk.  

Industrial waste compactor datasheet

For more detailed information about our range of commercial waste compactorsview our industrial waste compactors factsheet

View our waste compactor demonstration video

View our video below for further information on how to operate and handle one of our industrial waste compactors. Operation couldn’t be simpler and more effective. 

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