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Four Directional Pallet Truck

If you are moving palletised loads throughout a warehouse, or any other environment where space is limited and corridors are narrow, then a four directional pallet truck is exactly the piece of equipment that you need. The HanseLifter four directional pallet truck is considered to be one of the most effective in the industry, and that’s you’ll find it in stock and ready to buy now at Bluetruck.co.uk.


Long loads of palletised items will also work well with this pallet truck, which has been engineered with operator friendliness and safety in mind. This means that whether you’re working in retail or a warehouse, it is simple to move loads in all four directions. If space management is a priority, a four way pallet truck is an excellent tool for optimising space.

Features of a four directional pallet truck

  • With wheels on a pivot, this pallet truck is even able to move palletised loads sideways. This again means that it is a superb tool for maximising space in smaller areas.
  • If you’re operating in confined spaces or narrow aisles, then this is the pallet truck you will need. It has been designed to function at its best in this kind of environment.
  • The HanseLifter range of four way pallet trucks all feature a high quality hydraulic pump, that makes for smooth, safe operation.
  • The wheels equipped on HanseLifter four way pallet trucks are made from polyurethane, meaning they are quiet and grip well.

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