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The Bluetruck Guide to Electric Pallet Stackers


Buy electric pallet stackers online with Bluetruck. We work with German manufacturers, HanseLifter, to supply only the highest quality electric pallet stackers in the UK. Our electric pallet stackers could be just what you need to improve safety and efficiency in your warehouse.

Find electric pallet stackers for sale

All our electric pallet stackers are designed to ease the lifting of heavy goods up to 1500kg in weight and 4.3 metres in height. Electric pallet stackers for sale here at Bluetruck, supplied by German manufacturers, HanseLifter. HanseLifter are known for their high-quality machinery and each product is carefully designed for your convenience. In this blog, we outline the features of our bestselling electric pallet stackers.

HanseLifter electric pallet stackers in the UK

At Bluetruck, we stock a diverse range of electric pallet stackers, available in the UK and further afield. All products are purpose built to make lifting and transporting easier. The electric pallet power stackers we sell here at Bluetruck are all CE certified and come with a 12-month warranty.


A few of our favourite electric pallet stackers, for sale here at Bluetruck include:

  • HanseLifter E-DH1242MG : 1200kg - 4.2m A/C Electric Stacker 
    Thisstylish blue electric pallet stacker has a loading capacity of 1200kg and can lift from 90mm-4200mm. This is one of our more compact electric pallet stackers, and its ability to collapse the handle makes it perfect for saving storage space. It is especially designed for your convenience, with an accessible side battery change system.

    This electric pallet stacker is made up of mechanism and control elements that make lifting and transporting completely safe. The sensitive speed control elements means the driver can turn precisely and brake quickly. Its AC drive motor makes it economical and it does not need a lot of maintenance. Its optional features include an L key to access ecteronic control and a load control system that weighs your goods and pallets. This electric pallet stacker is available at Bluetruck at a competitive price of £7,050.00 (inc VAT) and £5,875.00 (exc VAT). 
  • HanseLifter E-DH1033MG-E : 1000kg - 3.3m Electric Stacker
    This electric pallet stacker, for sale, at Bluetruck, is made with top German design components. This electric pallet stacker has the capacity to lift goods weighing up to 1000kg and heights of 85mm-3300mm. 

    This electric pallet stacker is perfect for moving around warehouses, with its easy manoeuvrability features. Its sensitive speed control makes it ideal to use around busy environments. The speed of the pallet stacker is reduced when lifting good up to 500mm increasing the level of protection. The polyurethane wheels make for quiet running and the safest grip. Get the best electric pallet stacker price at Bluetruck for just £4,602.00 (inc VAT) and £3,835.00 (exc VAT).

Shop the best electric pallet stackers at Bluetruck

Want to know more about our electric pallet stackers? Speak to one of our experienced advisors today on 01704 898950 or email us at sales@bluetruck.co.uk

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