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Industrial scissor lift tables from Bluetruck

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To lift and manoeuvre heavy loads, it is essential that you have the right equipment to assist you and your team. At Bluetruck, we understand that every lifting requirement is unique and demands different lift table capabilities. That is why we are distributors of a comprehensive array of HanseLifter lift tables, for you have to find a model that meets your specific requirements. Transport your heavy load with ease with a Bluetruck lift table.

Industrial scissor lift tables

All of our industrial scissor lift tables are manufactured to the highest quality precision, built by expert German engineers, HanseLifter. In the Bluetruck portfolio, you have extensive options when it comes to the additional features of our lift tables.

The first thing to consider is the type of lift table you need, whether that is manual, semi-electric or electric. Each of these different types of lift table is capable of lifting a range of weights, so consider this when choosing the type for your application.

Then you’ll need to decide whether you need double or single scissors, which entirely depends on your height requirements. We also stock tilting tables, lift table with rollers, lift tables with wheels, tandem lift tables, u-shaped lift tables and various other scissor lift mechanisms to suit the type of lifting you will be doing.

Electric Scissor Lift Tables

First up, we have our electric scissor lift tables. This type of industrial scissor lift table requires minimal effort on your behalf but still provides a solution for your lifting needs. Powered by a 2.2kW motor, these lift tables hold a wide range of extremely heavy loads with ease.

Electric tables are designed for applications which require much heavier assistance. They are manufactured with the user in mind and prioritise the safety of the worker with a control panel deadman feature. For the highest standards and the ultimate lifting partner, choose electric.

Manual Scissor Lift Tables

Our manual lift tables are lightweight and will provide you with effortless lifting assistance. Not only can they handle large loads, but they are also easily controlled through a simple foot pump, lever or hydraulic pump. Manual industrial scissor lift tables are perfect for smaller distribution centres that need low-cost assistance.

Semi Electric Lift Tables

If your application doesn’t require the powerful assistance of an electric industrial scissor lift table but could use a stronger scissor lift mechanism than the manual option, choose semi-electric. This type of lift tables provides an extra hand for your lifting activities, with the added power of a 0.8kw lift motor.

Contact Bluetruck today

With a lift table for every industrial transportation and distribution need, Bluetruck can elevate your options. Our team is more than happy to advise you on the best type of lift table to meet your requirements. Call us today on 01704 898950 or email sales@bluetruck.co.uk

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